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  • Armac Vets, 147 The Rock, Bury,

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  • Open 24 hrs a day,

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Welcome To Our Blog!

8 September 2014 Posted by admin Blog ,

We pet insurance catare extremely excited to release our blog section where you will find all kinds of support for your pet needs. Our site is all about our services for caring and treating your dogs and cats. With this blog, we aim to enable all pet owners in taking good care of their pets. We will help you to know the important tips for caring your pets by sharing great posts regarding pet care on our blog.

You will get best advice for your dog, cat and rabbit and many other exotic pets.  Our team of Veterinarians is committed and love to offer great care to your pets. Each section of the website is filled with great stuff that is important for pet care. We aim to update people about all latest technologies as well so that they are able to get details about all needed services for their sick pets.

Why we offer emergency services?

Since we are also pet lovers, we do not want any pet to suffer in lack of treatment and medicinal care. This is the reason we are providing instant care for any emergency faced by our clients. You just have to come to us on time so that we can save the life of your pet.

We provide cost effective services so that one can easily contact us and get complete care for his pet. Here we will be sharing quality information about care, treatment, medications and many more. We also help you to know the correct and nutritional food for your dog, cat, rabbit and birds and many other exotic pets. You can call us anytime you need and you can connect with us through call and emails as well.

What Armac Veterinary Group LTD is about?

  • Low Fees

We provide you best quality services for caring and treating your pets at the cost effective prices. The reason for same is, we are also concerned about pets and we do not want to see them suffer due to lack of money. In order to support you, we have kept our fees easy for you.

  • Quality Care

Armac Veterinary Group LTD is committed to offer best possible care to pet that is why we provide high quality and best possible care to your pets.

  • Expert Vets

Our vets have years of experiences in veterinary care and the team provides complete and individual service to each of our clients.

  • Wide Range of Services

We are a full service provider for animal care and offer a wide range of services at our clinic such as emergency care, puppy vaccinations, pet dental care, surgery for pets, Diagnostic and Therapeutic Services and many others.

  • Latest Equipments

Armac Veterinary Group LTD is equipped with all modern and latest technological machines and tools that are important for complete Veterinary care of your pets. We have the latest digital X-ray machines, Ultrasound, Infusion Pumps, ECG, Blood Pressure Monitoring tool, Endoscope and many more.

  • 24 Hours Service

We are always ready to help you whenever you want as we have devoted nurses, vets and supervision team to provide outstanding care for your pets.