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Pet Insurance

All clients are advised to take out a LIFETIME pet health insurance policy. Most insurance companies now offer a lifetime policy for your pet, that you can rely on to provide value for money and lifetime protection against the costs of unexpected veterinary bills. In the event of a sudden illness or accident veterinary fees can run into hundreds, in severe cases thousands of pounds, which can increase stress in an already worrying situation.

  • When faced with escalating costs, knowing your pet is insured not only gives you peace of mind, but also comfort knowing they will receive the best care.
  • All pets from 6wks- 1yr are offered a free introductory policy, with immediate effect.
  • All out of hours and emergency treatment is covered.
  • Sudden illness and accidents are covered including any emergency surgery.
  • Specialist treatment is covered.
  • Ongoing treatment is covered e.g. Diabetic care i.e. syringes, insulin.
  • Routine treatment such as wormers and vaccinations are not covered.
  • Routine neutering is not covered and in the event of your animal needing a caesarean this would not be covered on your insurance.
  • Preventative dental treatment would not be covered, but any emergency dental treatment would be covered.
  • There is a variety of budget, supreme and standard policies to suit different needs, please make sure you read the details and choose the best policy to suit you and your pet.
  • The insurance contract however is between you and the insurance company; you are responsible for settling accounts which will then be reclaimed from the insurance company.

As a pet owner it is important to think about insuring your pets, as you are more likely to claim on your pet insurance than on your house insurance, yet we don’t think twice about insuring our homes!
Accidents can happen…

With no NHS available for pets, the best care can often prove expensive!

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