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Pet Friendly World Cup 2018 Parties / Barbeques

Armac Veterinary CareBlogPet Friendly World Cup 2018 Parties / Barbeques

Pet Friendly World Cup 2018 Parties / Barbeques

25 June 2018 Posted by Jade Priddle Blog , , , , , ,

There is nothing better than having a barbeque with friends and family during the great British summer, especially now that the World Cup 2018 has begun. But all those tempting treats and glowing grills can be a danger for our much-loved pets.

Below are some tips to make sure your World Cup parties/barbeques are fun for everyone – including our four-legged friends.

  • SKIP THE SCRAPS – Is your dog a master of puppy dog eyes? Don’t give in! Barabeque scraps can upset your pet’s stomach and undercooked fatty foods could give them a nasty dose of diarrhoea. Try giving them a healthy chew to chomp on or a fun toy to play with instead. It will kepp them occupied while you enjoy your food in peace.
  • BIN IT – If you don’t keep an eye on them, pets can easily get hold of something the shouldn’t. A big problem at barbeques is pets eating things like kebab skewers or the core from a corn on the cob. These can cause serious internal blockages and injuries. Make sure any left overs and rubbish are thrown away in a lidded bin that your pet can’t raid. All those food smells will be super tempting for cats and dogs so your bin needs to be super secure.
  • OUT OF REACH – If your using lighter fluid or firelighters to light your barbeque, make sure you store them well out of reach of pets. It can be dangerous for curious paws. Think about other potential poisons too – keep alcoholic drinks out of tempations way for thirsty pets.
  • FLAMING HOT – Keep pets a safe distance away from the barbeque. Those hot coals and ashes could cause serious burns. Always make sure the barbeque is cooled down quickly once you’ve finished cooking and never leave pets on their own around it while it is still hot.
  • KEEP THEM COOL – Our furry friends can quickly overheat in the sun. Make sure they have plenty of water and can head into the shade or indoors whenever they need to.
  • SLAP ON THE SUN CREAM – Sun safety is just as important for our pets as it is for us. If your feeling the need to slather on the sun cream, it’s likely your pet will need some too especially if they have thin fur, white fur or pink skin that is exposed to the sun such as tips of the ears and end of the nose. Make sure you use pet safe sun creams.
  • DE-STRESS – Having a house/garden full of strangers might be a bit stressful for your pet, so try and give them plenty of opportunity to relax in peace. Set up a calm, quiet room in your house where pets can retreat to if they feel stressed out. Pets who live in the garden, like rabbits and guinea pigs, might be frightened by the noise of a big group of people. Try and keep guests away from their run or move their enclosure into a quiteter part of the garden if possible.
  • ESCAPE – Parties can be a busy time with visiting friends, so make sure your pets doesn’t make an escape in the commotion. It may be worth making sure there is an unoccupied room for them to relax in. But be careful they do not get shut into a conservatory or greenhouse, as these can heat up very easily in summer and can cause heat stroke which can become life-threatening.