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Easter and Your Pets

1 April 2015 Posted by admin Blog , , , , ,

Happy Easter everyone, while everyone is enjoying their Easter break lets not forget our pets and make sure they enjoy their holiday as well.




Chocolate contains an ingredient called theobromine and can be toxic to dogs, sometimes in quite small quantities. Dark chocolate, cooking chocolate and cocoa powder, can all make your pet unwell. Milk chocolate is less dangerous, but can produce symptoms depending on the amount.

Symptoms to watch out for include vomiting, restlessness, twitchiness and walking difficulties. Get to the vet straight away if your dog shows any of these signs.

dog easter


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These contain raisins, currants and sultanas – all of which are toxic to dogs.

It’s really difficult to predict how a dog will react to eating grapes of any kind, but eating only a small amount can cause your dog severe kidney failure.

Sadly, each year dogs die after eating grapes, raisins, currants and sultanas, so don’t take the risk.

If you suspect your dog has eaten these dried fruits, get straight to the vet and tell them what you think your pet has eaten immediately.

Rabbit for Easter

People often think rabbits are very easy to look after and that all they need to do is pop them in a hutch in the garden and feed and clean them when needed. However, this is actually very far from the truth!

Rabbits require a lot of care, including the correct diet, the right environment, the correct companionship and did you know that rabbits can live up to 10 years?

Rabbits deserve their reputation as great pets – they are friendly, inquisitive, content to play with their owners and can happily be held and stroked. With the correct diet, care and handling you and your rabbit will have a long and happy time together.

check out the link for more information about keeping rabbits

Rabbit Care

We hope that you all have a great Easter. Armac will be open over the Easter weekend for any advice or emergencies.